Giving a Presentation

Strategic planning is vital to the success and effectiveness of any organization.  However, this critical function is often overlooked or poorly undertaken.  Through the facilitation of highly structured and focused planning sessions with Board Members, Management and Staff – Paquette Management Services can assist your organization in developing strategic directions and realistic goals & objectives to guide future work activities.


By providing dedicated leadership and support, the firm can assist organizations in effectively positioning themselves to capitalize on opportunities and achieve long-term growth and viability.  To this end, the firm can play a valuable role in coordinating and facilitating board, staff and management retreats, interagency and sectoral planning meetings, community consultation forums, and annual workplan development sessions.


Examples of strategic planning projects undertaken by the firm include the following:

Espanola General Hospital

Designed and facilitated a comprehensive stakeholder consultation process including Board members, management staff, community partners and citizens which culminated in the development of a detailed 3- Year Strategic Plan. 

North East Specialized Geriatric Services

Conducted literature review, environmental scan, and facilitated stakeholder consultation process and planning sessions with regional system Steering Committee in the development of a 3-year Strategic Plan for the organization.

Discussing the Numbers

In pursuing their individual mandates, organizations must deal with competing objectives and have the capacity to respond to unanticipated changes in their operating environments such as the introduction of new legislation and/or reduction in operating funding.  These changes inevitably lead to the re-design of the organization’s human, financial and capital resources.


Paquette Management Services has the proven leadership and experience to guide organizations through the change management process and can assist your agency in developing a viable plan of action.  To this end, the firm can serve as a useful catalyst for change and effectively position organizations to capitalize on opportunities which ensure long-term growth and viability. Typical restructuring assignments include coordinating the planning of amalgamations, mergers, integrations and shared services agreements.


Examples of organizational restructuring assignments undertaken by the firm include:


Monarch Recovery Services

Served as Project Manager in leading the development of a comprehensive integration implementation plan between Iris Addiction Recovery Services for Women and Rockhaven Recovery.  This integration plan enabled the consolidation of Boards, staff, programs and capital infrastructure to enhance the delivery of substance abuse services in the community.


Warmhearts Palliative Caregivers

Provided administrative and leadership support in facilitating an integration process between Warmhearts Palliative Caregivers and Maison Vale Hospice in Sudbury. Worked with officials from both organizations to facilitate a successful integration agreement and implementation workplan to bring the programs and services of both providers under one entity.

In a Meeting

Paquette Management Services can serve as a cost-effective and valuable resource to organizations by providing time-limited project leadership and coordination.  The firm’s extensive management experience and solid track record in leading numerous and varied assignments, will ensure that your project is implemented successfully and on schedule.


Examples of project management assignments undertaken by the firm include:


Family Health Teams – Northeastern Ontario

Served as lead project manager in planning the implementation of 9 Family Health Teams over a 5-year period including: Espanola & Area FHT, Anson General FHT, Northeastern Manitoulin FHT, Kirkland District FHT, Elliot Lake FHT, Wawa FHT, Temagami FHT, Nord Aski Region FHT and Powassan & Area FHT. In each community, the firm worked with local physicians, nurse practitioners, hospital officials and other allied health providers in preparing comprehensive, Business and Operational Plan documents for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.  

District of Timiskaming Social Services Administration Board

Served as a project consultant in the development of a Best Start Implementation Plan. This project was one of 3 demonstration sites in Ontario aimed at enhancing school readiness and healthy child development for the 0-6 population.  The project included the development of a preferred service delivery model in Timiskaming, facilitating 8 community consultation sessions and preparing detailed multi-year capital infrastructure and operating budgets. 


In today’s environment of scarce resources and demands for increased accountability, it is vital that the programs and services delivered by organizations are cost-effective and responsive to the needs of clients.  Paquette Management Services has the specialized expertise to conduct thorough and effective organizational, operational and program reviews in a timely manner. 


To facilitate the review process, the firm works collaboratively with its clients to identify stated goals and objectives for performance and establishes agreed upon criteria for measuring the “results” or “outcomes”.  Each evaluation process culminates in a summary report of findings and recommendations to enhance organizational performance as well as a strategy for monitoring on-going performance and implementing remedial actions.


Examples of program reviews and evaluation projects undertaken by the firm include:


Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH)

Served as external evaluator for a formal process evaluation of CAMIMH’s special project to “Enhance Mental Health Literacy in Canada.”  This evaluation examined the process utilized in undertaking this public awareness and capacity- building project and identified lessons-learned and best practices in implementing the initiative.  More specifically, the evaluation monitored the overall planning process, examined collaboration between national mental health organizations and looked at the role of consumers in impacting increased public awareness. 


Ministry of Children & Youth Services – North East Region

Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of case management practices of children’s services agencies funded by the Ministry. The project involved conducting structured interviews and focus groups with executive directors, senior management and front-line staff from 17 participating children’s and developmental services agencies and reviewing their policies & procedures and job descriptions.  A detailed summary report was compiled which included key findings and recommendations for implementation.