Dave Paquette

David Paquette serves as the President of Paquette Management Services and has been providing specialized management consulting services to public, private and non-profit community service organizations since 1995.  He has an extensive background in organizational management and administration and has worked in a variety of executive-level positions prior to establishing his consulting practice.  In terms of formal academic credentials David holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration and he is also an experienced and trained facilitator.  Based out of Sudbury, Ontario David has extensive knowledge and experience in planning health and human services throughout Northern Ontario as well as assisting managers and corporations in determining their strategic directions.

David has a successful track record in facilitating productive interagency planning initiatives and providing quality management support and direction for organizations who are planning or are being impacted by systemic change.  To this end, he is a credible agent of change who can strategically position corporations to capitalize on opportunities and successfully implement change solutions.

The firm also places significant value in enhancing the capacity of the organizations it serves and has worked successfully with numerous Boards of Directors and management staff to improve their governance practices and leadership skills.  Paquette Management Services thrives in assisting managers to become true leaders and provides focused seminars, workshops and individualized training/coaching to support their professional development.


Providing leadership to assist individuals and organizations in achieving positive change.

Service Philosophy

The firm is committed to providing quality services to its clients in a manner which upholds the highest standards of personal integrity, respect and professionalism.