Contemporary Boardroom

Heading 1G

A well functioning Board of Directors is the foundation of a successful organization.  The Board plays a leadership role in determining strategic directions and for assuming accountability for organizational performance.  Boards should be focused on developing policies, monitoring outcomes and using their available time to determine future directions of the corporation.  To this end, Paquette Management Services has considerable expertise in supporting board members to take a leadership role in directing the activities of their corporations and for assuming accountability for organizational success.


The firm provides an interactive seminar/workshop series called" "Great Governance Guide - How to be a Better Board" which helps Boards to: assess their current performance; clarify the roles and responsibilities of Board Members and Staff; conduct effective meetings, improve communication and decision-making; effectively resolve conflict and establish processes to monitor and improve Board and organizational performance.  The firm can also assist in conducting reviews of governance practices, preparing Governance Manuals and/or developing governance policies & procedures.  

Client Testimonials:

Dave Paquette was engaged by Monarch Recovery Services to provide professional development training on Board Governance. He was an excellent facilitator and received a very positive reception to the governance training.”                 

                         Richard Picard, Board President, Monarch Recovery Services


“The St. Joseph’s Health Centre Board of Directors engaged Paquette Management Services in 2014 to assist with the development of a new strategic plan for the Centre and the facilities under its charge – St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, St. Joseph’s Villa, and Villa St. Gabriel Villa.  He also provided training to the Board to ensure that we understand our roles as Board Directors and maintain a governance and strategic focus.   Dave is highly knowledgeable and experienced, and it is my pleasure to recommend his services to other boards.”                

                        Linda Wilson – Board Chairperson, St. Joseph’s Health Centre


“Dave was invaluable in helping us establish our Board, promoting leadership of the Board and developing effective governance practices to guide our decision-making.”

                        Anna Gibson-Olajos – Executive Director, Powassan & Area Family Health Team


Some examples of Board Governance training assignments undertaken by the firm include the following:

Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Delivered an interactive Board Governance Training presentation to the full board and staff of this national organization focused on how to be a better board and implement a policy governance model of decision-making.  The firm also facilitated a structured discussion and decision-making session regarding key governance and operational issues impacting on the corporation. 


Ontario Association of Community Futures Development Corporations

Selected as a workshop facilitator for the annual conference of CFDC’s involving more than 200 delegates.  Provided two workshop presentations focused on assisting organizations to operate more effectively and improve their board governance and administrative practices.  These workshops also included a facilitated question and answer period to discuss typical governance problems encountered by organizations and how to address them.


Clapping Audience

Effective organizations have strong managers who lead by example and facilitate teamwork and collaboration amongst all staff members in achieving the mission of the corporation. The new economy requires that managers not only be proactive leaders and decision-makers but also effective coaches and delegators who empower others to contribute meaningfully to the work of the organization.


Paquette Management Services is well positioned to provide managers with the training and support they need to successfully undertake their important leadership functions.  To this end, the firm can provide your organization with quality executive coaching, leadership training, team building, staff supervision (HR management) and career transition advisory services which can be customized to meet your unique needs and circumstances. The firm has also provided interim management support for newly established organizations and agencies which are in transition.


Some of the firm’s relevant management training and support assignments include the following:


FedNor/Industry Canada

Delivered a Governance Training Workshop for approximately 40 managers and prepared a comprehensive governance training reference manual for these participants. This training session was focused on how managers could function as effective facilitators and advisors to community based boards of directors in regard to enhancing their governance and administration practices.  This interactive workshop provided participants with current literature with respect to governance practices and procedures, highlighted critical issues of concern, and identified best practices and approaches.  It also provided participants with the opportunity to ask questions, dialogue with their peers and participate in group discussions and exercises.


Municipality of Temagami

Provided counsel and technical support to the C.A.O. of the Municipality in drafting a new job description and proposed performance evaluation procedure for this executive position.